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Does this sound familiar?

☑️ Are you tired of your management company taking too long to complete projects?

☑️ Do you feel frustrated because your management company doesn’t take responsibility for anything?

☑️ Are you sick of the lack of professionalism?

☑️ Have you experienced your management company throwing the Board under the bus?

☑️ Do you feel like they don’t really care about your neighborhood?

Our Approach

At United Community Management, we put unity back into Arizona HOA communities.

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Over the last 2 decades, HOAs have gotten a “bad rap” in the media and public relations.

We change all of that, for the better!

How will we do that?

  • Semi-Annual Community Parties and Functions

  • Renter/Tenant Education Classes

  • Friendly Notices Sent Regularly!  (Not Just Violation Notices)

  • Timely & Thorough Communication At All Times, Especially With Special Projects

  • Professional & Respectful Communication, Always IN ALL WAYS

  • Our Core Values

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